About us

About Us

Meet the Craigs of Yo Ho Disney

“Oh good, all my dreams can come true now.” ~Porter, age 7, after reading the sign entering into The Magic Kingdom.

It’s safe to say, we still believe Disney World is the happiest place on earth, and our love for #allthingsdisney runs deep. We started Yo Ho Disney as a place to have fun sharing some of our favorite Disney infused things in life, like food, drinks, clothes, and home decor. We want our crazy love to pop up everywhere in our lives.

We’re Matt and Charity with our own Disney infused love story. We have four kids: Charis, Porter, Hunter, and Christian, who we’re raising in the admiration of the legacy of Walt, and you can hear them share their love for Disney here.

We’re so glad you stopped by and we look forward to seeing more of you around. Be sure to follow us on our social channels where we like to hang out daily!