Favorite Things Friday

TGIF, friends! Welcome to our Favorite Things Friday where we share some of our favorite things from the week.

We’re still working on all the details of building this blog, in fact, all day today Matt and I were working on future posts and picking up a few things from Home Depot for photo props. I’d say today has been a complete success, but that would be a lie, because while wandering around Home Depot, Christian found a plastic bundle tie and was dragging it around. I thought it would be funny to step on it to make him halt. Instead he kept walking and the plastic tie cut his finger, so the remaining time was spent with me carrying around a crying child feeling like the worst mother ever. Also, for future reference Home Depot has band-aids ready for hand out at any given notice.db514cab898261577ab61c408a017f28

Favorite Sweatshirt


Favorite Art Piece


The girls’s favorite movie


Favorite quote



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