Our Disney Love Story {VLOG #1}

In just a few days, Matt and I will celebrate our 12 year anniversary. Twelve! It’s still hard to believe we’ve made it this far, because just like most real life fairy tales, our love story has more than it’s fair share of drama, but our favorite part of this tale is how Disney has always been an intricate thread of our love story. 

As children, we both visited Disney parks: me at Disneyland, Matt at Disney World — two little strangers, worlds apart, falling in love with the same thing. 

Charity in Disneyland, Matt in Disney World

Fast forward fifteen years, now friends, we visited Disney World together with friends and family, and as a proclamation of his like/love for me, Matt kissed me on the cheek on the way down Splash Mountain, but when we got off the ride, all the screens were blank. Our kissing picture had been deleted, but you’ll have to watch our vlog video to see how we finally got the picture!


The infamous pic…”just one more time!” #disney2002 #disneyfreaksforlife

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Then, to solidify our love, several years later Matt told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me under Cinderella’s Castle, and we got this blurry, disposable camera pic to prove it. 

Our Walt Disney World Engagement Pic

And a Disney love story couldn’t be complete without returning to Walt Disney World for our honeymoon!

(Pssst…Babe, we were married in 2004, but I get it, after so many years and so many kids, the years start to blur.)

Thanks for letting us share our Disney love story with you. So, how about you? Do you have your own Disney love story? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below. 

And be sure to check out the cocktails we were drinking in this video. I was drinking Santa’s Spiked Cocoa, and Matt was drinking Jack’s Effects, and as always, we’d love to connect with you on Instagram and Twitter

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