Meet the Craig Kids {VLOG #3}

You’ve met us, Matt and Charity, but we think it’s high time you met the four others who make up Yo Ho Disney! Charis, Porter, Hunter Lily, and Christian are over the moon excited to a part of this with us. I’m not sure if it’s Disney they’re excited about or the fact that they’ve been begging for absolutely forever to start a YouTube channel. Well, just like being at the Magic Kingdom, all their dreams are coming true. 

Meet the Kids VLOG #3

This week’s video the kids introduce themselves, and share some of their favorite Disney things, and why am I not surprised that two of the four kids favorite thing to do at Disney is EAT?! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Also, there’s a surprise cameo at the end that you’ll have to watch to see. Enjoy!

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