Our Top 10 Restaurants in Walt Disney World {VLOG #2}

If you haven’t already noticed, food is our love language — buffet or tapas, fine china or paper plates, cocktail table or dinner table — doesn’t matter, you had us at “Let’s eat.” 

So, it should come as no surprise that this week’s video is Our Top 10 Restaurants in Walt Disney World. We each made our own Top 10 list, but didn’t share them beforehand. The only rule is that we had to of eaten there before. No adding in restaurants that we’ve heard are awesome. We had a lot of the same restaurants, and even our #5 was the same one! After you watch the video tell us which restaurants are on your Top 10. Did we miss your favorite? Where should we go eat the next time we visit?

If you’d like to get more info on our favorite restaurants, I’ve added their links below:

Charity’s Top 10 Disney World Restaurants:

10. Earl of Sandwich (Disney Springs)

9. Chef Mickey’s (Contemporary Resort)

8. Coral Reef (Epcot, Future World)

7. Le Cellie Steakhouse (Epcot, Canada Pavilion)

6. Tony’s Town Square (Magic Kingdom)

5. Si-fi Dine-in Theater (Hollywood Studios)

4. Cinderella’s Royal Table (Magic Kingdom)

3. Be Our Guest (Magic Kingdom)

2. Akershus Royal Banquet Hall (Epcot, Norway Pavilion)

1. Boma – Flavors of Africa (Animal Kingdom Lodge)

Honorable Mentions: Tangierine Café (Epcot, Morocco Pavilion), San Angel Inn (Epcot, Mexico Pavilion)

Matt’s Top 10 Disney World Restaurants:

10. Peco’s Bill Tall Tale (Magic Kingdom)

9. Tusker House (Animal House)

8. Tangierine Café (Epcot, Morocco Pavilion)

7. Columbia Habour House (Magic Kingdom)

6. Be Our Guest (Magic Kingdom)

5. Si-fi Dine-in Theater (Hollywood Studios)

4. Hollywood Brown Derby (Hollywood Studios)

3. Cinderella’s Royal Table (Magic Kingdom)

2. Boma – Flavors of Africa (Animal Kingdom Lodge)

1. Le Cellier Steakhouse (Epcot, Canada Pavilion)

Honorable Mentions: Chef Mickey’s (Contemporary Resort), Yak and Yetis (Animal Kingdom), Crystal Palace (Magic Kingdom), Tony’s Town Square (Magic Kingdom)

So, tell us, what’s your Top 10?


  • Sharisa
    9 years ago

    How did O’Hana skip past both of your lists?

    • Charity Craig
      9 years ago

      We’ve actually never eaten there. 🙁 But it’s on our list for this year!! Yay!

  • Mickey
    8 years ago

    You have a Disney website and you’ve never eaten at Ohana? Shame. (I’m kidding, not really, but kind of) And Ohana isn’t even the best restaurant in the Polynesian. How is Kona Café not of your lists?

    • Charity Craig
      8 years ago

      I know, it’s right up there next to blasphemy.

  • Sarah
    8 years ago

    Narcoosees at GF. The BEST!

    • Charity Craig
      8 years ago

      Yes! Thanks for the suggestion. That’s on our list to try! 🙂

  • 8 years ago

    No Ohana, no care!!!! Kidding of course. As you know its a favorite of many. Look forward to your review when the time comes. Great lists!

    • Charity Craig
      8 years ago

      Thanks so much, Sydney! And we WILL make to Ohana one day!!

  • Robert
    8 years ago

    I’m going to Disney next year can you do a review of Raglan Road in Disney Springs?

  • Michelle
    8 years ago

    O’Hana and Liberty Tree Tavern!

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