Disney Bounding & Star Tours at Hollywood Studios

Several weeks ago, our family watched the seven episodes of Star Wars as a family. Matt and I had seen some of the movies, but not all of them all the way through. If you ever asked us, we would’ve said we’re not that into Star Wars, but we broke down and watched all the movies in order, because how can we call ourselves Disney fans if we know nothing about the Rebellion?

When we first started the series, we figured we’d muscle our way through them and move on. Little did we know we’d fall in love with Jedis and Wookies and Droids. We never imagined we’d be talking like Yoda, planning our Star Wars birthday parties, and dreaming of galaxies far, far away, but we were hooked — and hooked good. 

Immediately, we planned a day at Hollywood Studios to take part of every thing Star Wars. We’d done most of the stuff, but this time it had a personal connection, and to make it more eventful we attempted our first Disney Bounding as Star Wars characters. It was so much fun paying homage to some of our favorite characters, it was like we all knew a secret that no one else knew. We now may have the bounding bug. 🙂

Can you tell who we all decided to be? 

The force was strong with us that day, even though we missed the Jedi Training Academy (something we’ll have to do another time). Christian even managed to ride his favorite ride, Star Tours, three times. 

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