Zero’s Flight {A Disney Inspired Cocktail}

The second I (Charity) watched Nightmare Before Christmas, I fell in love with Jack’s pet, Zero. What is he? A dog? I’m not sure, but what ever he is, I love his sweet little ghost self, and when he saved Jack with his glowing nose, I couldn’t wait to make a cocktail in his honor.


“My, what a brilliant nose you have. The better to light my way! You’re the head of the team, Zero!” ~Jack Skellington

When I decided to create a cocktail inspired by Zero, I didn’t realize his nose was actually a glowing Jack-o-lantern, so I made his nose a cherry nose, but you’ll forgive me, right? This week’s Disney inspired cocktail we’ve called Zero’s Flight,  a delicious Cherry Vanilla Martini. It’s super easy to make, and if it’s too strong for your taste, add water to tone it down. I hope your Christmas is filled with children throwing snowballs, instead of heads.

Merry Christmas!Zero's Flight -- Cherry Vanilla Martini {Disney Inspired Cocktail} // Nightmare Before Christmas

Zero’s Flight

Cherry Vanilla Martini


  • 1 part cherry vodka
  • 2 part vanilla vodka
  • Splash of water
  • Maraschino cherry

Zero's Flight -- Cherry Vanilla Martini {Disney Inspired Cocktail} // Nightmare Before Christmas



  1. In cocktail shaker add ice, cherry vodka, vanilla vodka, and water.
  2. Shake and pour into glass through strainer.
  3. Add maraschino cherry for garnish.

We hope you enjoy little Zero’s cocktail. Please let us know if you make it over the holidays, and what you think about it. Be sure to tag us on Instagram  or Twitter and use the hashtag #yohodisneycocktails.


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